Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wild! As Wild Animals!

I saw this on foundmagazine.com and had to laugh; hubby and I have been talking about ferrets for the last week.

I’ve always been intrigued by ferrets, and years ago, I briefly owned one. She really belonged to an ex, who thought she was a boy and named her after a strip club called Shotgun Willy’s. When we broke up (That was probably the best decision I have ever made!), he left her with me. I eventually re-homed her with some friends who are pretty much the best ferret owners ever and were kind enough to change her name to Lilly.

I’m not really that well informed when it comes to ferrets, so when I learned that here in Kansas, they are WILD ANIMALS I was intrigued! I suppose they have to come from SOMEWHERE, but I’ve just never imagined them running free. If Lilly was an accurate representation of ferrets, they don’t make good wild animals.
I was excited to tell hubby this tidbit on our drive home (sometimes we get to carpool, I love those days!)

“Baby! Guess what! Did you know that ferrets are wild here?”
I assumed he would be as WOW’d by this as I was, but his response was somewhat disinterested, so I tried again,

“Wild! As wild animals!”

Hubby was significantly less impressed with the untamed ferrets than I was, but had a good long laugh at my last statement. At least once a day since, he has reminded me that ferrets are wild… As wild animals!

I won’t be wishing to see one running in a field somewhere, because I’m saving my next wish for a winning lotto ticket, but I sure would sure love to see one, wild, as a wild animal!

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