Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding, Anyone?

There are a few websites I check regularly, perhaps even obsessively, – Weekly, updates on Sunday – Daily – Daily – For Sale, Community and Missed Connections - Multiple times daily

If you’re not already familiar with these sites, start checking them out! Yup. Pretty much amazing stuff here.I found a real gem the other day that I’d like to share…

Found on, Missed Connections

I’m actually going to post this missed connection add here, because it will expire, and it’s defiantly worth saving…

“Hello, This ad is being because I need to marry a military man or someone similar because of the custody war I am in. My children are my life and heart. I would do anything for them and if that means getting married to show a household income of substantial amounts will keep them from the father that has 4 child abuse charges against him then so be it. He has remarried and a 19 year old and is holding down a job as a fast food girl, he and she put together make $2. more an hour than I do but the judge is considering giving my girls to them for this reason. The case will be reviewed in 6 months when a final decision will be made.

I am willing to sign a pre nup. All I really need is just your name and a bank statement when the court date comes. You are welcome to claim us on your taxes next year if thats a pro for you. I would only want what we would make with out you. When it comes to a Bal I we can talk about it. When your away on leave, if there is an option for us to live on base for free, Great... If not thats fine to. I'm am very well respected and have No record. I'm a great mom and love God. I'm from the south and hold true to those values.

If you are needing a wife for any reason as strange as mine shoot me a line and let me know if we can help each other.

Again please understand, you must be a business owner, or have a substantial income to be considered, or be well vested in the military.

I have photos and will gladly send them. Those with pics get first response”

Wedding, anyone?

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