Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Look of Sneak About Me

I’m not very sly. I feel that people should do right, so it’s not entirely bad that I am incapable of being dishonest, but it would be convenient for practical jokes on hubby or calling in “sick” to work once in a while, but I always give it away when I’m up to no good. Hubby says I have “a look of sneak” surrounding me.

Despite my lack of sneakiness, I recently conjured up what I dubbed a “Master Plan”, and it was successfully executed last night!

The Master Plan was not entirely dishonest or wrong. I know this because I called my mom to ask her, and my mom has the best conscious in the whole wide world. Maybe better than Mother Theresa, I don’t know for sure, but mom, well, she’s defiantly a very good person, and she said this was ok.

The grocery store here offers 10 cents off of each gallon of gas when you spend $100.00 on groceries. You can only use this once, though, you use it, and have to start over. Hubby and I just hit the $200 mark, and earned ourselves 20 cents off per gallon! This is huge for us because A) We are cheap and like to save money, and B) We both drive a helluvah lot and use a lot of gas.
We were discussing our good fortune of 20 cents off per gallon for days; see I’m telling you that for real, this was a HUGE deal in our frugal, mucho-gas consuming household. We couldn’t decide WHO got to use the discounted gas. Beth, hubby’s car, was almost on E, but she gets very good mileage. My truck, Iron Hide, was not quite as thirsty as Beth, so not really next in line for a fill up, but doesn’t get nearly the mileage she does. It really shouldn’t have been that important, we both consumed the groceries that earned us the discount, and the money to pay for them and the discounted gas comes out of a join checking account, we both work. It was a matter of pride.

In a moment of greatness, it came to me, the Master Plan.

Hubby and I have been pumping just a little gas in, here and there when we needed it, NOT using the 20 cent discount, until we timed it so that both vehicles were on empty at the same time. Finally the time came. Late last night we drove both vehicles to the grocery store. I say late but it probably wasn’t, it was late for us though, after 8pm. Anyway, back to the Master Plan: in the cover of darkness I hoped the attendant wouldn’t notice, thankfully, she was not very alert, so it was easy to get away with The Master Plan.

I pulled the Hide into the pump, hubby in Beth pulled in right behind. I punched in our phone number and answered YES when asked “Use 20 cent fuel discount now?”! Iron Hide drank until he was satisfied, and as he was finishing his drink, hubby ran over to remove the nozzle, I was already in the driver’s seat, keys in hand, ready to go when the moment came. I quickly pulled the Hide up a little and ran back to take the nozzle from hubby, who, fast as lightning! pulled Beth up into the spot and I began filling her to FULL! Both cars, full of gas, DISCOUNTED gas!

I was on a high for the rest of the night, giggling and feeling so proud of coming up with, and getting away with, the Master Plan, that I couldn’t even sleep! I probably kept poor hubby up, who had a 7 mile run at am this morning. Sorry hubby, at least I saved us some money! J

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