Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Are Thousandaires

LT Fromage is still in the ‘stan. So much for him coming home all sorts of early. As of right now, the window of return is somewhere between September and February. Not much beyond that is clear either. Which classes he’ll attend, where and when haven’t yet been assigned. We’re in limbo right now, which totally sucks.

The one and only good thing about deployment is the money. Yup, LT Fromage is my sugar daddy.

I am proud to announce that as of Monday, we have no more credit card debt!

Thanks to the deployment money, a few checks we weren’t really expecting to see, the pending sale of my truck, and some serious penny pinching, we’ve been able to bulk up our savings, and even allot some money for a vacation!

The Fromages will be traveling to… get ready…


I’ve literally been dreaming of Bali since reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, so I am crazy excited to make it a reality! Sort of one last hoorah, since once LT Fromage starts his new job he’ll be deploying every 6 months and shortly thereafter, we’ll have kids. Traveling will never be impossible, but it’ll be harder the longer we wait.

I’ve only wanted a few things in life,

So far I’ve crossed off –

Travel to AZ for the Colorado Rockies spring training – March 2008
Get married – September 19, 2009
Travel to Italy – September 21, 2009

In the works -

Travel to Bali (late 2011 or early 2012)
Have kids (fingers crossed for a baby belly in 2012!)

Leaving only -

Eat at Dogmatic in New York (I could kick myself… I’ve been to NY twice, yet never eaten here!)
Drive a tank (For $500, I can do that here… 27th birthday present? Perhaps!)

And my ultimate goal…

Own a Holstein named Sir Loin

Yep. I dream big.


  1. I've missed you. You've been dodging us in blogland, huh. I hope you make it to Bali. I don't even know for sure where it is. I'll look it up. I hope all your dreams come true--even Sir Loin. You're gonna need some land for Sir Loin. I don't think they let holsteins in apt. buildings or housing units.

  2. I love it!! What a great list and I'm so glad you are living your're one of the lucky ones, not many people take the chance and make it happen!

    Have fun in Bali!!

  3. Love the no credit card debt. Years ago, my first bonus check put me over and allowed me to pay off my last credit card bill. Haven't been in debt since. (Sorry, I get more excited about paying off debt than a trip to Bali.)

  4. OOOH! Yay for no credit card debt!

    Personally, my favorite part of Eat, Pray, Love was the EAT part and I plan to eat my way through Italy one of these days. Have a wonderful time in Bali and my fingers are crossed for that baby belly next year!


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