Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cabin Pressure

My hopes of being refreshed after vacation once again amounted to nothing more than that sinking feeling in my stomach upon returning to work. LT Fromage and I have decided we will henceforth be independently wealthy and give up our jobs to stay home doing whatever we please day in and day out (We just have to figure out the logistics is all).

There's someone out there who needed a vacation more than I did.

The folks on the country radio morning show were talking about this story today. A clumsy passenger (Who apparently couldn’t follow instructions) finally sent this flight attendant over the edge. (And dude, I feel ya. I hate stupid people, too!)

I’m not going to rewrite the article, but it ends with our exasperated flight attendant telling it like it is over the intercom (his speech laced with profanity, of course), grabbing his bags, activating the emergency chute and sliding down with a beer in each hand (compliments of the beverage cart).

He’s probably not going in to work today…

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