Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Wasted Wish

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This morning I while driving into work I heard a very unusual Greek-wedding sounding song on one of my programmed rock stations, it made me remember a time when I was young and I called a local station that claimed to play anything, “Even polka!” I called to request a song by Eric Carmen, “Hungry Eyes” the DJ laughed at me and told me that was a stupid song and he wouldn’t play it. He even commented on my ridiculous request after the commercial break.

I love “Hungry Eyes”. I actually just love Eric Carmen, and this morning I wished that the song would play today on my way to work. Guess what the next song I heard was?

I wasted another wish.

When I was a very little girl, I was given a plastic magic wand, it was silver with a star covered with sequins on one end and the whole way home I waved it around saying “I wish I had a baby mouse, I wish I had a baby mouse,”. Lo and behold, just moments after arriving home, real live baby mouse wandered into the middle of the living room! I should have been more specific and wished for a HEALTHY baby mouse, because the little guy didn’t make it into the next morning, but I was still pretty excited!

Apparently the wand was only good for one wish because when my mom told me to wish for a million dollars, it didn’t work.

The next time it happened was sans-wand. My family was going to go to the ARC, a local thrift store, and I wanted desperately to find a book about Peter Rabbit. A sequel, I needed to know what ever came of him. My parents gently reminded me that the ARC was not a book store, and even if there was such a book, the odds of finding it there would be slim. I wish I’d had a camera to save the look on my mom’s face when I brought her the small yellow book, “What Ever Happened to Peter Rabbit?” when we were heading to the checkout line.
I wished a few years later for another book. I had developed a fondness for deformed animals, with extra limbs and such. I decided the ultimate animal would be a 2 headed snake, and surely our library would have a book dedicated to them. Once again, my mom tried to warn me that, although I was very intrigued by multi-headed reptiles, it was doubtful that our small (very small) library would have such a book. She was not surprised when I ran home to show her the book, on the cover a 2-headed snake.

Then there was the time I wanted to see my favorite celebrity, Ringo Starr, in concert. The tour dates had all been posted, and none were in my state. I cried, “but I wished so hard he’d come here!” and the next day, Denver was on the list. Denver never showed up on any of the tour shirts, it was obviously an afterthought, added because I wished it.

My parents had been the only ones to actually see these things happen, so hubby, having never seen it first hand, was unimpressed, until half way through a 15-hour road trip, I wished that we would hear a Sawyer Brown song. There is only one country music preset in Beth (His car), and it’s mainstream new release country, but I wasn’t surprised when “Thank God for You” came on next. He was.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

(I wish for a million dollars, I wish for a million dollars, I wish for a million dollars…!)

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